The Pariah story

Its been a long while, and as much as I hate excuses, It was the hectic fashion season that is to blame for my disappearance. However, I’m back with a smashing collaboration with a brand new label on the block – Pariah by Pranami.







Pariah uses revered indigenous silks like the Muga also known as The Golden Silk, the most expensive silk in the world, Eri and the beautiful Paat,  woven by local Assamese women, along with fabrics from other regions of India. Traditional Assamese motifs are redesigned and reinterpreted using embroidery and weaving techniques from other cultures.






The most captivating part about this collection is the seamless blend of Pranami’s Assamese roots, and her global sensibility of fabrics and fashion.







As traditional as the aesthetics may be, you cannot shy away from the fact that the separates can be used to create a very modern warrior princess ensemble.





So girls, what are you waiting for?!  if you haven’t already, please make sure you visit . Owning a Pariah is a must, especially if you are a Khaleesi fan! (Thats what the garments made me feel like – My very own warrior princess wardrobe!)





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