Because, Fit is the new skinny!

I have been meaning to write about this for the longest time but something or the other used to always come up and this would slip of my mind. I am finally getting to it, thanks to the Nike Press Day, where I interacted with a lot of fitness enthusiasts and that kind of brought me back to my mission of this inspirational post.



Fleece hoodie with zip detail, Reflective Leggings and Sky-hi Dunks – all Nike



Tapered hoodie, Polka dots Leggings and Sky-Hi Dunks, all Nike



Fleece hoodie with zip detail, Reflective Leggings and Sky-hi Dunks – all Nike


Most people refuse to believe, but I used to be a really unhealthy and fat. I would starve myself for days only to end up bingeing a couple of days later. I was always active when it came to sports and exercises but never really understood the right food and right exercise balance.




It took a lot to change my eating habits and incorporate different exercise regime in my routine to achieve a new body, which is still “work in progress”.


IMG_5032 IMG_4962












Its been 2 years since I made the change! I eat balanced meals (everything including sinful dessert and vodka once a week) and make sure I exercise at least 4-5 times a week. My workouts vary from outdoor running to weight training, sometimes pure cardio, in form of zumba/dance/power yoga. There are times when I do not have time to get to the gym, and that’s when I pull out my mat, and do a combination of various 20-40 minute HIIT off YouTube.






Along with the right eating habits and exercises, you also need to make sure, that you have the right gear for the workouts. What you wear to the gym, including your gym bag can make a big difference to your workout. Vibrant colours, funky patterns, the right sports bra and the right kind of shoes play a very vital role. It will save you from boredom and injury and you’ll thank me later.




Make sure you consult your trainer before you invest in your workout shoes since there are different types for specific activities. You can always hit me up for style advice before you go gym-wear shopping! Gone are the days when skinny used to feel better than carbs. A fit body and a healthy mind is the new cool, join the brigade…its never too late!








Dedication, determination and perseverance are the keywords. In the end, it’s all about how bad you want and believing in nothing is unachievable. Consult a nutritionist, hire a personal trainer and push your limits. It isn’t an added chore but a brand new lifestyle you are adopting; embrace with grace!

PS: A big shout out to my trainers Shalini, Sangeeta, Nidhi and Nutritionist, Kinita 🙂


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