Are you Monsoon ready yet?

Its come pouring down and we just have to deal with it! Its all pretty and romantic, till we actually have to step out and get on with our days with puddles at every step and muck splashing all around.

Dont let these rainy blues dull your happy spirit! Ive come up with a few tips to make these difficult times little bearable and let you concentrate on the romance rather than the apocalypse kind of situation! šŸ˜€


Monsoon is one season when the clothing/accessories should be kept to minimal to avoid unnecessary chaffing and dampness.

Shorts. My go-to this season. One thing I cannot deal with is muck/water being splashed on my pants. However, other alternatives for girls with strict formal dress codes are culottes and cropped trousers. They are the perfect combination of monsoon and formal!Ā I generally try to avoid elaborateĀ outfits, skirts and detailed layering in this weather. Playsuits, knee-lenght shift dresses are great options too.



DVF casual look SS15

DVF matching shorts suitĀ 

Pinstripe shorts, Forever 21

Pinstripe shorts, Forever 21

Shift dress,

Shift dress,

Wellington boots. Ā I still get a few strange stares when I wear mine, but when did I ever care about them looks ! I got mine from Burberry, but Id still pick Hunter or a local sturdy brand with funky colour splash/printed ones. If you aren’t yet convinced, the street vendors at Colaba and Hill Road have a variety of jelly bellies/sliders to last you all season.

Burberry Trench

Burberry Trench

Jelly sandals available in all high street stores

Jelly sandals available in all high street stores

Handbags. Avoid leather or suede for the next couple of months! I personally am a fan of the nylon Long Champ especially during the monsoons. If you are only looking for one season, high street stores like Forever New, Zara, Forever 21 etc have ample options. Dont forget to have a look at Koovs and Asos before you head out though!

hb_lc_1621_black_newpic KIARA-Multi2FPink-Transparent-Handbag-28Set-Of-4-Pcs29-4281-998565-1-product2


Make up. Best kept to bare minimum. The last thing you want is to your mascara be running down and foundation caked up. Waterproof make up is great, but the soft dewy look in this weather is even better. May be use a coral lipstick for some colour pop!


Hair. Bob is the new cool! Not saying this because, thats what I did to my mane; but something so refreshing about this cut. You can do various things with it. Get a structured bob with bangs or a plain jane blunt and if feeling a little adventurous go for a long-short!




Monsoon is all about playing with the right props and having fun so that it doesn’tĀ get to you! Just make sure you don’t land in a puddle!


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