Hidden gem of Thailand – Koh Tao!

Aloha! From a very tanned Ms Shiny to all my lovely people. I am back from a beautiful holiday in the tropics and finally, well, almost recovered from post holiday blues and all ready to get back on the radar!




So, one morning, while I was sitting next to a coral, staring at pretty blue and white striped fish, cool water splashing all over, I decided this surreal experience could not go undocumented. It would be nothing close to the real feel, but at least I can make sure I leave anyone who would want to live this, with the perfect guide of how, when and where!



Shark Bay, Koh Tao


Getting to Koh Tao wasn’t the easiest thing to figure, considering it is quite a trek and especially, since my base was Singapore. I wanted to keep the travel time to the minimum and still it took us 12 + hours and almost every possible mode of transport. However, once you get there, the sight of shiny blue water, white sand beaches and picturesque greenery takes away any fatigue you’ve felt!



Birds eye view, Singapore to Bangkok


Bangkok by night...

Bangkok by night…


Chumpohn Pier

Chumpohn Pier


Koh Tao....here we come ...

Koh Tao….here we come …


We took an evening flight from Singapore to Bangkok (2 hrs), an overnight train (7 hrs) to Chumpohn (the closest port to Koh Tao). Koh Tao is a tiny island far into the western end of Gulf of Thailand. It is one of the non-commercial islands in Surat Thani and hence you can still absorb peace and tranquillity and head to Koh Phangan/Samui for a hardcore party scene if need be. From Chumpohn station, we took a shuttle bus (30 mins) to the port where an express Catamaran was waiting for us. The ferry ride was mostly smooth but it can a little too choppy and extremely windy if you sit on the upper deck! Once we reached Koh Tao, our hotel arranged a pick up for us and we finally made it to our destination 1.30 hrs later!



Koh Tao pier…


on the upper deck of the catamaran

on the upper deck of the catamaran





view from the ferry….


View from the Villa.... HAAD TIEN BEACH RESORT

View from the Villa…. HAAD TIEN BEACH RESORT


Although the journey is long and tiring, at no point do you experience any inconvenience, owing to the smooth transitions and facilities throughout the country. There are plenty street food shops and seven elevens to make sure you are never starved or parched. The scenic beauty will never let you feel bored even if you forget to carry a book/music.


one of the islands on the way...

one of the islands on the way…






clear water with coral and my bff at the beach 🙂










Breakfast with a view

Breakfast with a view


Supper with a view

Supper with a view




We made reservations at the Haad Tien Beach resort with sea facing villas and that was the best decision we could’ve taken. The next 4-5 days were spent lounging in the cool/calm waters, sipping on beer, soul searching, introspecting, restrospecting, doing yoga and eating absolutely lovely thai food! Life couldn’t get better! The hotel provided free shuttle into town everyday, where you would find massage parlours, supermarket, walking street and lovely local cafes that would take you to another world. The resort itself has all facilities, you just need to ask! They also arrange for long tail/speed jets if you want to explore the waters further into the Gulf or take off to the next island.




Free shuttle into town...

Free shuttle into town…




Cant do Thailand without a massage....

Cant do Thailand without a massage….


some soul searching.....introspecting...and all that....

some soul searching…..introspecting…and all that….


Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view



Yoga by the beach


All I wanted, was to never leave the island….may be…. one day…. you’ll find me there…teaching yoga 🙂




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