5 Non Mainstream designers to watch out for!

Pretty, commercial designer outfits and accessories are something we all indulge in, every now and then. However, while working for the Grazia Young Fashion Awards (GYFA), I came across so many talented designers, who create some mind-blowing off-beat clothes and accessories, that won’t only divert your attention from mainstream, but also make sure, all eyes are on you, when you walk into a room, wearing their creation!

To be very honest, I never thought, I had it in me to be able to carry-off something so not commercial, but it was only matter of time till I realised this was my true calling! I think, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me! (excuse the exaggeration and obsession), but I lie not, I am obsessed!

Three by Pallavi Dhyani, I discovered this label, all thanks to GYFA and it wasn’t a surprise she won the award in the Label Alert category. Her creation is based on anti-fit clothing, as she gives comfort and details more importance. Clever cuts, interesting silhouettes in comfortable skin, is what her label is all about. She went solo with her label in 2014!

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Flame by Martino Caramia, It was my last visit to Goa when I stayed at Thalassa and bumped into a pop-up with flowing cotton dresses and fusion kurtas in soothing pastels and some bright hues. Roaming around in the sweltering heat, I was more than tempted to walk-in; only to walk back out with the most beautiful floor length dress! Only if I had the kind of money, I would have picked one of each!


Shift by Nimish, Off-beat detailing with a classic twist is what this label stands for! What captured my attention, was the importance given to conservation, waste material being recycled and the use of craft blending with modern styles.


Ikai, Delicate drapes, androgynous silhouettes, boxy designs and structured cuts, pretty much sums up IKAI.  Ragini Ahuja kickstarted this label in 2012, and took the nation by storm at the Lakme Fashion week in 2013, where she showcased a collection inspired by menswear. There is no stopping for this genius!



Payal Khandwala, I am a mega fan of her collection! Even for the GYFA I ended up picking one of her creations. I wanted an outfit that was chic but also let me be comfortable, since I had a lot of running around all through the night. Her collection is all about luxe-comfort with subtle attention to detail. Her creations are dramatic yet minimalistic. There is not a single piece in her collection, that I’m not in love with!






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