5 places for pancake day celebrations in Mumbai !!!

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday came into being, to celebrate the last day before lent. During Lent, Christians abstain from indulgent food like butter, chocolate, alcohol and meat, so on this day, they go all out and feast on different kinds of pancakes to their hearts content. This year, pancake day falls on the 17th of February.

Truth be told, I was not aware of the real meaning behind this day until I decided to do some research before writing this post. All, that this day meant to me was stuffing my face silly, with some delicious sweet and savory pancakes.

While I have tried my hand at some different kinds of pancakes, my favorite place to have them back in London town used to be “My Old Dutch”. This year, since I am in India, I thought of listing down few of the best places in Mumbai town to devour this heavenly item of “breakfast” in its full glory.


1.) Ellipsis, definitely makes it to the top of my list, as I just cant get them chocolate chip pancakes off my mind. Chunks of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate strewn all over and stuffed in the pancake, which melt as you cut a piece and put it in your mouth! oh divine! Chef Kel C is for sure a culinary genius!

Chocolate chip pancake, Ellipsis

Chocolate chip pancake, Ellipsis

2.) The Nut Cracker, along with being another pretty, breakfast place in Kalaghoda, serves sumptuous buttermilk pancakes. These are served with butter, maple syrup and in-house jam.

Butter milk pancakes at The Nutcracker, Kalaghoda

Butter milk pancakes at The Nutcracker, Kalaghoda

3.) Salt Water Cafe, has been one of our go-to places that almost never get it wrong. The off-beat combination of smoked bacon on pancakes with some maple syrup will have you swooning after your first bite.

Bacon pancakes, Salt Water Cafe

Bacon pancakes, Salt Water Cafe

4.) Smoke House Deli, will give you the most varieties of buttermilk pancakes. Choose from regular, blueberry, walnut & raisin, chocolate chip or a quirky banana & bacon!


Pancakes, Smoke House Deli

5.) Indigo Deli, has never ever disappointed, EVER! Take my word for it, it is a single place in this town, where I can just shut my eyes and go-to, when I cant figure where or what I want to eat. They serve fruit pancakes with maple syrup, honey, home made fruit preserves, whipped cream and  I always ask for some chocolate sauce.

Blueberry pancakes, Indigo Deli

Blueberry pancakes, Indigo Deli

Take a pick or make them at home, but do not let this pancake day go without being stuffed with some kickass pancakes!


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