How to pack like a Camping-Diva…

A lot of planning and re-planning later, I came to the conclusion that camping is what I would like to do for the next getaway. A quick trip to a camp-site a couple of hours from town is definitely going to be a getaway with a difference! By the beach, under the stars, on top of a hill, and with my favorite people; whats not to love?!





This isn’t my first camping trip, but surely going to be a much more organized one, especially after the first one turned out to be quite a disaster with inappropriate footwear/outerwear and ending up sick! After doing a fair bit of research on the kind of location, weather, activities, I decided to make a list of things I will need for the trip. I am hoping this post will be helpful for all those who plan to set out on camping/glamping weekend getaways.






Everything boils down to the location and the season. Weather is mostly unpredictable and one must be prepared for rain/hail/sun or snow. In my case, it’s going be warm for most part of the day and bit chilly during early mornings and nights.



Since this post caters to a weekend getaway, one or two pairs of leggings, a pair of shorts, a couple light-breezy t-shirts, one cardigan/jumper should be enough. You do not want to bulk up your luggage but at the same time be prepared for adverse weather and wet conditions. Swimwear if you are going to take a dip in the water. Do not forget a couple of pair of thick socks.


Leggings from

Leggings from


Crochet Shorts from Forever 21

Crochet Shorts from Forever 21



Ripped denim shorts and breezy top from Forever 21


Fringe top,

Fringe top,


Hollister Hoodies Women 558_LRG



Once again depending on the kind of trail and the activities you are going to be engaging in, decide on the footwear. The shoes, definitely should be sturdy and outdoorsy. If you are going to indulge in water sports, must carry a pair of floaters or crocs.

Faux snake skin high-top sneakers

Faux snake skin high-top sneakers


Nike Dunk Sky Hi

Nike Dunk Sky Hi



A beanie, a hat, and/or a baseball cap.

Mix and match is the keyword here. Pair your shorts with a breezy t-shirt if its warm, and you can always throw a jumper on it, when it starts getting chilly. Replace the shorts with leggings if it’s too cold. Add on leg warmers, thick socks for extreme cold conditions. Beanies/hat will keep you warm as well as add to the style quotient!


2014-04-03-HuffPostCoachella2014RulesBlogMake sure you do not forget a flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen and toiletries.



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