Style resolutions 2015!

I have never been big on resolutions; for that matter never created a list of any, as far as I can remember! I take each day as it comes and hence making a yearly goal never made sense to me. However, having said that, two weeks into the year I thought there has to be something that I haven’t done before and definitely needs more attention this year. I sat down, yet again with word press open, in hope to inspire other people like myself, who have never before thought of making a list of resolutions.

1.) NO to pain!

Include more wearable and less “sexy painful stilettos” . Although there is no denying, they look absolutely fabulous, you do have to admit, they give you nightmares, the night before you are going to be wearing them.

Wedge heels ,

Wedge heels ,

2.) Kicks!

Definitely need to include more comfy and luxe sneakers in the shoe closet this year. Also, get rid of all the uncomfortable pairs that leave me with a shoe bite or make me fall flat on my face. This, the year for comfort!


Converse with custom laces

Converse with custom laces


3.) Move out of comfort zone!

Comfort clothing should be left for sundays and PJ days! Other days, must get out of the comfort zone and try newer silhouettes, cuts, shapes, colors and styles. I have already kick-started with this resolution by including a lot more grunge, than I have ever done.


Lace up buckle boots, Zara

Lace up buckle boots, Zara


4.) Break the rules – stay weird!

Red on red, silver with gold, brights with brights, bold on curvy, your wardrobe is your oyster. Staying weird is my favorite part, but that apart I aim to wear random combinations, that I have never put together before. There is nothing more appealing than creating a unique style.


A striped crop top over a sequined shift dress

A striped crop top over a sequined shift dress, accessorized with a Fedora and Red Converse


5.) Crop it!

No! not crop tops, but flash them ankles by cropping them pants. Ankles are pretty but seldom flaunted and this year I take a vow to do justice to those poor little hidden souls.

cropped jeans

cropped jeans

6.) SALE time hoarding!

SALE is one of the most tempting words I have seen. However, I promise to stop buying and accumulating things that I do not need or sometimes do not even like, only because they are on a sale. Only buy it on sale, if you would still buy it on full-price, or it does not deserve to be in your shopping bag.




7.) NO! to hoarding

Anything that has not been worn in the past year or 2, brand new or old shall be put in the “donation-bin”. This one habit of holding onto clothes, shoes and accessories from school days is no good for anyone. It blocks space and in the most basic term is a useless waste.






8.) Save up for that Dream bag/shoes/etc…

I have been eyeing the Balenciaga Classic Bag since a couple of months now. This year instead of just splurging mindlessly I aim to save up and invest in this classic piece my heart has been prying for.


Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

9.) Learn more about Fashion

This life would fall short, but you can never have learnt enough. I commit to learn more about fashion this year; be it assisting, a course, more reading, or in any other form that teaches me more about this industry is going to be embraced with open arms.



10.) Plan

Most of my life is based on “go with the flow”, but off lately, I do feel, I need to incorporate a plan somewhere, for the smaller decisions that could change the bigger game. I do PLAN to plan before my shopping sprees. Check my wardrobe to see what I have already, and what I can bring to it to add more character and edge to it.


What are your Style/fashion resolutions this year? Do leave in the comments below and help inspire me and everyone else reading this 🙂




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