10 things you shouldn’t do at a music festival/gig !

While music festivals/gigs are for escaping from the hustle-bustle of the city life, losing yourself in the melody created by your favourite artists, it is also vital that you don’t forget you are in a midst of a crowd who is there for the exact same enjoyment you are seeking. Dont ruin it for others! Ive listed a few etiquettes, please pay attention 🙂

1.) Girls! Please do not wear heels, it just does not fit in with the vibe and you might literally break a leg! Do not wear bandage dresses in which you can’t even move, dress according to the occasion.

Concert in Heels ...NOT!

Concert in Heels …NOT!

Definitely not an attire for a music festival

Definitely NOT an attire for a music festival

2.) Do not be a woo girl/boy! Everyone knows when you are pretending to know the song/artist and scream and jump on the wrong beat.


3.) Only drink/indulge as much you can handle. You do not want to end up being wheel-chaired to the hospital half-way through.


4.) Do not accept drinks/substances from “new friends” you just made at the gig.


5.) If you are at an EDM gig, dance! Do not hog space by sitting around the stage in big groups.



6.) You are there for the music, leave the phone/social media for times when you are actually BORED!


7.) No bandwagon fans please! Unless you really like/know the music/artist there is no point of you wasting space there.


8.) People there for the experience bit, please do not nudge and keep asking what artist/what song, read the line-ups and listen to a few tracks the night before!


9.) Creating human centipede and pushing throw packed crowds is just RUDE! NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Do not PUSH through...its RUDE!

Do not PUSH through…its RUDE!

10.) Its not ballroom dancing! Guys do not ask girls if you can have a dance with them!



Stay hydrated, keep safe, only carry essentials and make sure you do not end up doing any of the above and you will have a mad time raging!! Also, please do leave any “DONTS” you think need attention, in the comments below.



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