Tame Them Tresses

There have been days when I have gone to bed praying to wake up with well-behaved hair. I workout almost everyday and since it isn’t the healthiest thing to shampoo your hair every single day, I end up with damp hair more often than not. However, over the period of time, I have almost learnt to tame these stubborn tresses that decide to go awry just on the brink of the an important meeting or that fancy date. Thank god for the ones, who invented all these hair products and hair accessories.




Dry shampoo is my favourite go-to,  for in-between washes or even a long day out in this sultry town. Batiste is the brand I always go for, considering it comes in various hues and fragrances to suit different hair types and colours. They also have pocket sized ones that can fit into the tiniest of handbags. A tiny swoosh, backcombing and you are good to go. Other dry shampoos easily available in India are by Dove and Loreal.





If you are ever caught in a situation with absence of dry shampoo you can always use a bit of talcum powder on the scalp. It helps absorb oil and will quickly repair the greasy dead hair, especially the crown part of it.




Tying up hair in various knots or braiding it in a chic way,  is my 2nd option if even after a round of dry shampooing my hair refuses to behave.  Fishtail braids, top knots, one side simple braid are a few hair styles that are easy to do and very stylish that can be pulled off with most outfits.













Last but not the least, hairbands, hats, bows or even scarves can save your day in ways which you wouldn’t have imagined. So greasy hair, don’t despair; try these tricks and tell me if they helped you turn around your bad hair days into dream hair days 😉


















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