Travel in style!

Its been a week since my last post, as I took a little break and set off for some sun, sand and beaches of Goa and right after, for the land of Garba- Baroda! As I started packing for my 10 day long break for two very different kind of destinations and different modes of transport, I thought it would be a great idea to write about “what to wear when you travel”.




Travel is the 1st leg of any trip planned and it is important that the 1st step is comfortable and chic. Being an avid traveler myself, I am going to lay down a few pointers for fashionably comfortable travel experience for all you divas.

Travel Essentials:

1. Cardigan and or Scarf : These are 2 items, I never, ever skip no matter how hot or cold the destination might be;  because airports and in-flights are always down to sub-zero temperatures.



Baseball cap, scarf, baggy top, denim shorts and Long Champ hand bag


2. Loose Comfortable Clothing :  Be it a flight, train or car; baggy, comfortable clothing makes sure of a relaxed experience. My usual go-to for travel is shorts or harem pants with baggy t-shirts or light jumper. Sweat pants, light pull over, sweat shirts, leggings also make for a great travel attire. Don’t forget to keep in mind the weather at your destination and carry extra outer wear as per requirements.


Baggy T-shirt - Zara, Leggings - New Look, Scarf - Flea market in Egypt

Baggy T-shirt – Zara, Leggings – New Look, Scarf – Flea market in Egypt


3. Comfortable footwear : Comfortable footwear is a very vital part of a travel attire. Most airports/stations require a lot of walking and you want to be prepared for all kinds of situations during a road trip. Stay away from heels, brand new shoes that you haven’t broken into yet and anything that would pinch or hurt your feet/ankles. Pumps, fashion trainers, Flit-flops are my go-to for travel. Once again weather at your final destination should be the best judge for your choice of footwear.


Converse All Star with custom laces


Baggy top, Shorts - Forever 21, Scarf - Stolen from mom's wardrobe, footwear - Embellished Flitflops

Baggy top, Shorts – Forever 21, Scarf – Stolen from mom’s wardrobe, footwear – Embellished Flitflop


4. Easy to carry and store Cabin Luggage :  Nothing can be more annoying than having to lug around a fat piece of bag on your shoulders. Make sure you only have your essentials in your hand -carry. Go for light weight hand-bags that can store all of your essentials without you having to pour out everything to find one little key. My go-to are usually long champ/Hobos.



Denim Shirt, Denim Shorts, Scarf, light weight back pack.



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