How do we style…’s pouring music?!

Summer spells sunny blue skies; but summer also spells, music festivals. Yes! Its that time of the year again when it starts pouring music. Sunburn starts dropping gigs all over India come September, and there is NH7, Ragasthan, EVC, Sunburn (GOA), Supersonic (GOA), to name a few.



Sunburn Goa


Music is inspirational in so many different ways, and the fashion that it brings with it, takes it to another level; A mixed element that brings together a whole lot of people under the same roof, or sky for that matter.


Over the years, fashion for music festivals has been gaining momentum. Gone are the days when being comfortable alone was sufficient; now the word is being fashionably, comfortable. People look forward to international music festivals like Coachella and Creamfields to get style inspiration.



Ladies at Coachella 2014



Going for a music festival usually means camping out or staying huddled up with a lot of people in tiny spaces; not to forget bi-polar weather conditions.  I am an avid festival goer and from my experiences I have brought together a few items of clothing and accessories that wouldn’t let your fashionable side down and also make sure of a free-spirited and comfortable experience without “excess baggage”.



A few essentials for a gig/festival


For clothing, pack –  a pair of shorts, a lot of light weight/sheer/semi sheer tops in the most vibrant colors and prints, graphic tees, neon bras/inners, flowy boho skirt, summer dress, a jumper/cardigan and a pair of pajama/leggings. All these items can be mixed and matched, and you can skip and add a few depending on your style.



Festival goer in a hippie look!



Neon pop with some animal print!


For Accessories, pack – Beads, Floppy hat/ head band/ flower clips, a sling bag that would fit your most important belongings and DO NOT forget sunglasses!



Meanwhile At creamfields!


For Footwear, there are a lot of options, again depending on your style, and the weather conditions, but make sure you wear one and carry one ONLY. Sturdy Flip-flops, mocassins, canvas lace ups, wellies, ballerina pumps, anything except heels is out there for you to choose from.



A 7os look with neon pop!


Keep hydrated, only carry non-expensive items, stay safe! And you are ready to stomp your night away, like a diva!





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