Typical conversations 26+ single girls have…..with each other!

This isnt a Styling/Fashion post, however after the everyday conversations with the girls, I thought this was way overdue. Please feel free to leave any inputs in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚


1.) Did you check Tinder? Someone told my friend, their sister’s friend’s niece found someone on there and they are getting married soon!


2.) So, I met this guy, he sounds pretty legit. (A week later) Lets go drinking, I need to drown my sorrows and find a new boy, he disappeared. Friend : Look forย a man not a boy and he wont disappear. ( A month later story repeats) !


3.) Is there something wrong with me?


4.) Everyone…..EVERYONE I know is married/engaged/having babies, will I ever find someone?


5.) Broooooo! This is so depressing! There are no decent/eligible/dateable/single guys left on this planet…lets go check MARS may be?

Man Joke by Women

6.) CAN you believe even SHE/HE (someone with zero social skills/or someone we never liked) found a match! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US???!!!!


7.) Lets be positive, someone amazing is going to come along! lets drink some VODKA till then?!


8.) Hey! Have you heard ANGUS and JULIA STONE?! That is like the background music to our lives! *puts it on loop…and paints*


10.) You know, everyone keeps saying something wonderful is in store for us and thats why GOD is making us wait…..hmmm…. *takes a big sip of VODKA*


11.) OMG!!! I AM SO FED UP OF MEETING DOUCHEBAGS?!!! WHY god WHY me ?! *Deletes Tinder*


12.) This is the last wedding I am attending without a date……( A month, year later…story repeats, outfits change)!


13.) I dont think these guys know what they want!


14.) He hasn’t texted/called back. I am not going to bother anymore. (Next day) *sly-ly snapchats* Oh no! I marked him on my snapchat!


15.) He is a douche, dont waste your time! Wait for the right person to come along; and when he does, there will be no doubts at all.


16.) Mom showed me this very nice proposal but he lives in THANE! isnt that like another city?!!


17.) Are you scared of the future?! HELL YEAH!


18.) I am not going out this weekend…I am done hanging out with couples!


19.) So this chic my friend’s cousin once hung out with, told her about this girl who got married at 35! Itll happen when it has to….


20.) Once more someone asks me “when are you getting married” I am going to punch them in the face!


21.) I know these bad boys are not marriage material….but they are just so much fun! And I think we should have fun till we find someone who really wants to marry….ONE LIFE!


22.) AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH MY EX got hitched!!!


23.) For when people ask “why are you still single” DUDE I AM AS CLUELESS AS YOU! and being single is not a DISEASE! Stop looking at us with pity!


24.) Why do we HAVE to get married? Cant we just live independently…a live-in relationship in some exotic country?!

Enjoying the sun

25.) Lets do a beach getaway…we need to clear our minds. *books tickets*



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