Gym Rats, time to play dress up!

Finally, Slowly and gradually, fitness has started gaining the much needed importance in this world and I couldnt be happier. Being a gym-rat is the new cool and there is absolutely no reason for us to leave our fancy pants out of the gym closet! All we have to do, is make sure, its lycra, comfortable and of course stylish.

While sitting idle, and listening to the Ganpati “tunes” I was thinking about my Masala bhangra and Zumba classes at JGS and thats when the idea of this post cropped up.Ive been working out/playing sports since I was in 7th grade as I never had it easy with my sluggish metabolism; hence this is a topic close to my heart.

Neon printed sports bra - Only, Zumba skirt - Addidas

I dont see breaking into a sweat any less glamorous an acitivity. This is that time of the day which you totally dedicate to yourself, your own well-being; its your me-time of the day and there is no excuse to not look nice for your own self when you can do it for others all day.

Looking good for a workout has two essentials to be taken care of; Face and Body!

CLEANSE: Wash and cleanse your face well before entering your studio/gym, making sure no make up is left behind. MAKE-UP and workout, just DO NOT go hand-in-hand! Imagine your concealer running down and your towel turning pink when you wipe your face. It is a basic mess and unhygeniec. So, no make up to the gym, please. Trust me, it is not going to impress that hottie you have been eyeing for weeks.

Naked face with a bit of waterproof kohl

Naked face with a bit of waterproof kohl

ATTIRE: There are hundreds of brands dedicated to fitness gear be it cross-training, running, tennis, aerobics, yoga or swimming. Personally Nike and Reebok are my favorites with the variations, colors and prints they come up with.

Neon Pink Sports Bra and off-shoulder jersey - Reebok, Tennis Skirt - Nike

Neon Pink Sports Bra – Addidas, off-shoulder jersey – Reebok, Tennis Skirt – Nike


Pick basics from the brand that gives you the best fitting and a good shape. By basics I mean the pants and the sports bra. They are the most important part of your workout gear. Once you have chosen the basics, you can mix and match them with t-shirts and tops from various non-sports oriented brands like H&M, Forever 21, Vero Moda, Only, Newlook etc. They all have a specialized sports section, which isnt the same as a Nike or a Puma, but serves the purpose. This also helps your pocket from burning out.


Neon color block cut out top and quarter slim-fit leggings , Reebok

There are no rules at all. This is your playground, play with colours, cuts, shapes, however you like; go all out! I have created a different set of outfits for all my workouts. On the days of Zumba, I have my tennis/zumba skirts that I pair with off-shoulder t-shirts and constrasting sports bras. For Boot-camp mondays, I have a pair of quarter lenght fitted lycra leggings which I usually wear with neon coloured dry-fit tops from Reebok. For spinning and Power Yoga, I have printed slim lycra leggings which I team with well-fitted t-shirts or tops I can knot-up so as to make sure I can see my body movement and postures are correct.


Black fitted top, Animal print leggings – Reebok

Dressing up is an art, its a part of a creative process and it makes one feel taken care off. When you are at the gym/studio and look into the mirror, do you like what you see? Does it inspire you to work harder? If the answer isnt a YES, please take some time out during the weekend and sort your workout gear out! youll thank me 🙂

Happy sweating!


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