A peek into Vogue’s Fashion Night Out – India ’14 !

As promised, here I am with all the scoop on Vogue’s Fashion Night Out India (2nd edition). This being my second year, I was slightly more prepared. I went for wedge heels over stilettos, reached well in time, before the celebs hit the mall and it turned into a frenzy; and made sure about, spacing out the champagne!

For all those who have read my last blog and seen me go through painful decision-making over outfit selection; I went for bright red palazzo from Zara and mommies’ saree blouse. It created sort of vintage/hippie look. I accessorized it with a Gold Cuff from Forever 21 and a black tasselled sling with chain detail from H&M. oh! and wedge heels from flea market in Bangkok.


Mum's Saree blouse (tied up to avoid alterations, Red Palazzo Pants - Zara

Mum’s Saree blouse (tied up to avoid alterations, Red Palazzo Pants – Zara



Winged liner, Red Lips

Winged liner, Red Lips


Being a visarjan day, I set out early and to my surprise did not come across much traffic (rare occurence in Mumbai) and very swiftly reached around 7:30 pm. I took this opportunity to walk around the mall, peek into all the stores that interested me; checked out the Vogue pop-up store with a 1 km que to get in and returned to Zara to kill time until my friend arrived.

Ciroc Installations

Ciroc Installations


While I strolled, I did see some very interesting outfits. My favorite was a white box shirt with high collar worn with an asymmetrical baggy navy blue skirt, accessorized with chunky silver necklace. I regret not having stopped and taken a picture of the girl.






Vogue pop up frenzy!

Vogue pop up frenzy!

However coming back to Zara I wasnt the most excited to see their new collection(A/W).  Their graphic t-shirts have rather unusual prints/texts, which look rather strange and I do not see anyway of styling those to make them look wearable especially if bought at a price of Rs 900-2000. Their jumpers, sweater dresses and other knit/winter wear as usual –  very impressive! But of no use for the ones who are going to be stuck in this sultry city for most part of winter. However if you are planning a holiday/moving abroad to a cold region, MUST visit Zara soon! This done, I headed up to the TRF section and once again quite average; but I found a faux leather black fitted knee length dress and it was mine before I could get it off the rack.



Beautiful knit wear at ZARA



Graphic T-shirts at Zara

Graphic T-shirts at Zara




VERY graphic t-shirts at ZARA

Just then my friend arrived and we once again went on a tour around the mall. This time we decided to brave the que to the Vogue Pop-up but my friend managed to sneak us in through the back door. Dim lighting, clothes off the hangers, strewn around jewellery, bags, shoes accessories all over the floor, everywhere and people tearing things apart, pushing , jostling! We did not wait to judge, and become one of the crowd…hunting for the steals! I did see some really nice stuff but threads were coming off, broken jewellery but this multicolored kaftan captured my attention and soon after bright-deep blue coloured oversized studs with diamantees.

My friend in - striped maxi, teamed with studded denim vest and chunky neck piece

My friend in – striped maxi, teamed with studded denim vest and chunky neck piece







As I get to the till and my bill is being made, my kaftan suddenly disappears! It still remains a mystery if someone just sneaked it out, or the guy at the till put it in the wrong bag. The biggest misery was mine! It was so perfect, pretty, colourful, just perfect! It took quite a few rounds of champagne to drown the sorrow, only until I woke up this morning and couldn’t stop wondering who must be flaunting that kaftan right now!


Vogue empower Tee, Faux leather dress from Zara, Statement earrings from Vogue pop-up shop

All in all, it was a good show.  If Harvey Spector cupcakes from Le 15, shoe shaped cookies from La Folie werent enough for the sweet factor, eye candies like Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kalki Koechin graced the event with their presence. The highlight of course, were the various style inspirations walking around,  a lot of conversations, and a lot more bubbly! on to the next……


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