All Work, no Play will make you a dull girl!! 

The days I make an effort to pick out a chic outfit and accessories to wear to work, turn out to be happier, creative and way more productive days at work compared to the ones where I depend on whatever fell out of the closet.


paisley top from Zara with Pencil skirt from Forever 21, Celine hand bag

I realised no matter how little you care, your attitude reflects in the way you dress. Dressing up doesnt require an Armani suit and Valentino shoes, but anything that is comfortable, smart and well put together regardless of the price tag. It has to be something you want to wear and feel good about, when you look into the mirror. Thats where this post gets its inspiration from…


Shift dress from H&M, Animal print scarf from flea market in Egypt

A lot of work places have strict dress code, but that doesnt mean mundane outfits. A basic white shirt/blouse, well-fitted black pants, a pencil skirt, a tailored blazer, comfortable cardigan and kitten heels are a staple of a work wardrobe; which you can mix and match, add color with accessories/bags/shoes and dress up/down according to the occassion (client meet/field day etc).

Shirt -  H&M, Fitted pants with zip detail - Zara, Celine handbag, Rayban avaitors

Shirt – H&M, Fitted pants with zip detail – Zara, Celine handbag, Rayban avaitors

Once that is taken care of, venture into subtle colors for blouses, neutral coloured chinos, skirts and formal dresses.


Shift dress – H&M, Faux leather leggings – Primark, Pearls

If you are lucky and your work place is flexible about the attire, voila! The world is your playground. Just make sure the hem lines arnt way too high and the neck lines not way too low. We do not want to give out the wrong message aye!


Denim shift dress – Forever New, Studded ballerinas – Topshop, Watch – Michael Kors

I have seen the best or the worst of both worlds. Worked at agencies where office wear was the only way to go and then fashion houses where I could flaunt the most outrageous combinations. Today, I am my own boss so I dress as I like, but this freedom makes me want to constantly make an effort. I do not have a particular style of dressing but I am easily most comfortable in Boho or Vintage. However when headed out for client/media meetings, I usually stick to shirts with pants/skirts or semi-casual knee length dresses and accessorize them.

 Dress - A to Z Bangkok, Cardigan - H&M, Earings - Primark, Prada cat eye sunglasses, Burberry sling

There is always a little hint of who you are in how you dress, so dont be afraid to flaunt yourself! WERK it!



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