Idle mind is a creative workshop!

“Idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, and it couldn’t be truer for me except that its a creativity going wild’s workshop. This long weekend, due to the Ganesh festival my gym was only functional during the early hours and owing to late nights I missed my workouts; in turn ended up free in the evenings with bursting energy and nowhere to spend.

Bored, I started going through my instagram and realised, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (FNOindia) was just about a week away and doing a brainstorming session for outfits should be in place. There began the hunt for everything that I would not wear on a regular day out/night out. I love the challenge of putting together rather strange combinations to create quirky and fun outfits.

I first decided to attack the section of clothes that had been untouched for over 6 months, who knew what treasure I might find in there. Buried inside a pile of clothes I kept pulling out random bright-colored crop-tops (my current obsession) to pair with my brand new bright red palazzo pants. Nothing seemed interesting enough; till I spot this yellow thing with purple details. On close examination I realise, its my mum’s saree blouse which I almost immediately tried on with the pants and the result made me quite happy. However, figuring at one go has never been my thing and I put it aside on the “short-list” side of the room.


Next, I ventured into my aunt’s wardrobe in search of more ethnic saree blouses, since that idea was already in my head. While digging through was going on, I bumped into my Cardiff University – Drink The Bar Dry night t-shirt and was drowned in nostalgia. Sitting amidst a pool of clothes, I thought of giving it a make-over. Now it is a spangly new off-shoulder crop-top!


This random DIY project was a quick break from all the thinking, it was time to get back to scouting. A vintage Thai Silk wrap-around skirt in silver, grey and black was happily handed over to me by my aunt; I could totally work with this. GLEE! I tried it on with a bright purple bustier top and the result was an outstanding combination. All I needed was striking accessories which I am still looking for, considering it is quite an odd amalgamation of colours.


I beckon one and all, to help me with this endeavor of picking the right accessories to make this outfit pop without making me look like I showed up at the wrong place.  I have three days to figure if it is going to be mum’s saree blouse or aunt’s vintage Thai silk wrap-around skirt. So please send in any suggestions you have at Cheerio!



4 thoughts on “Idle mind is a creative workshop!

  1. I would suggest the vintage Thai ensemble adding a turq blue or bright sunshine yellow bold contemporary neckpiece to add a dash of contrast and vibrance to the overall look… but TBT, I know u will rock either looks equally.. cant wait to see what u finally decide! xx


  2. The last one- vintage thai silk wrap around with the bright pink top you’ve chosen. You’ll totally rock that look.


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