10 Wardrobe essentials !

Every girl has a little shopaholic hidden in her, some let it out and some just snub it. I am a shopaholic! I buy clothes, shoes, and accessories when I am sad, when I am happy. I shop when I don’t need anymore. I shop without a reason. There are stacks of clothes, that I have never worn and yet when I have to step out I do not have anything to wear. Many of you will read this and go like “story of my life”.


However, these are the times and then some more, when certain items from your wardrobe will never deceive you, no matter how fat or thin you feel on a particular day. Those are the evergreen trendy pieces that never go out of fashion and are always there to save your day or night. I am going to make this task a tad easier for you and list the 10 wardrobe essentials that will act as a backbone to your closet.


Little Black Dress: Better known as LBD, is known for never letting anyone down, come rain, hail or sunshine. It is that timeless piece that you can style with a piece of statement jewellery, stand out belt or sexy pair of heels and you are set for a night out! For a more casual day look, make sure you wear flats/kitten heels with probably a scarf and/or a cover up.


LBD - Day VS Night
LBD – Day VS Night

Well-fitted formal Trousers: You can never go wrong with a pair of well-fitted formal trousers, be it for work, or an evening with friends or just a casual day out. You can always pair it with a formal shirt and blazer for a formal look, a pretty girly blouse or even a graphic t-shirt styled with a statement neck piece for a casual outing would do the magic.


Classic white shirt: A crisp classic white shirt can do a lot more than you could ever imagine. It can take over more avatars than you would have thought off. Tuck it in your formal pants and it is the sassy professional attire, wear it with jeans or leggings and it’s the perfect casual look. Don it with shorts and a waistcoat, with some chunky neckpiece, and your day out in the city would just get all the more interesting.


Shirt, cardigan - H&M ; Statement neck piece - Zara
Shirt, cardigan – H&M ; Statement neck piece – Zara

Jeans: A pair of well-fitted denim jeans is a must. These can be paired in a million different ways, for a casual as well as a semi casual look.


Camisole tops: I think this was a brilliant invention. Many a times, you are stuck with a see through top or a semi sheer shirt for occasions where you wouldn’t want to flaunt too much skin, and that’s when these come about as absolute saviors. However, wearing like an inner is not the only use, you can wear it out on a warm day with shorts/jeans/skirt or underneath a blazer for a semi casual look.


Pencil Skirt: A Pencil skirt,  can be your backup starting from a day at work, to a post work social at a lounge/bar. Pair it with a fitted shirt or a dainty looking blouse and pointed heels/flats; it spells style at all times.


pencil skirt, photo courtesy : Porus Vimadalal
pencil skirt, photo courtesy : Porus Vimadalal

A tailored blazer: A blazer that compliments your skin color and is fitted at the waist will be a perfect fit over a shirt and pants for a formal look and over a short skirt/dress or jeans for a casual evening.


A Black Cardigan: This is something that I always have in my handbag (if it is not a clutch sized one). It could be a sudden, random cold-ish day/night, for a workday or one of those lazy days you couldn’t wear one of your best tops or just over a camisole or a sundress. Definitely a GREAT must have.


Nude Pumps: I swear by these, with the amount of times, they have come along as a saving grace. They will absolutely go well, with anything you wear; a little black dress, that new neon outfit or your fitted pants, just about anything. I almost cannot imagine life without them.


Neutral flats , Michael Kors
Neutral flats , Michael Kors

Ballerina flats: Flats are an absolute essential for your wardrobe. Heels are sexy and sassy, but imagine having to spend an entire day shopping or rushing from one meeting to another, strutting around in those 4+ inches. Painful! Make your life a little easy and invest in a pair of ballerina flats in a neutral shade, preferably lightweight ones that would fit in most handbags.


Acquisition of clothes can be a good or a bad habit depending on how smartly you do it. Getting a few trendy clothes and accessories every season along with the (above mentioned) must haves is a smart way of doing it. It always gives you an option to mix and match and create amazing outfits.


So the next time that you are out shopping, make a mental list and see to it that for starters you at least have the basic must-haves tucked into your wardrobe.


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