What i wore….What i saw…..What i bought……

Weekends for most mean unwinding, socializing, or sometimes just doing nothing. Does for me too, however for the most part it includes walking in and out of stores, checking out the latest collections, hunting for that particular piece of clothing I spotted in Vogue UK and of course observing people, their different dressing styles; some I love, some I loath.

 This weekend wasnt any different, although it was mum’s birthday weekend and so dad I decided to take her out for lunch and shopping. I had 45 mins to put together an outfit/shower/get ready and leave the house. I instantly wanted to pick an outfit that would go with my brand new all black wedge heels from Nine West (patent leather with a pure leather fat strap). Within minutes, it dawned upon me, that wasnt a look I was feeling. It was more of an easy, laid back day which would require a lot of faffing around. I ended up wearing a floral maxi skirt (forever new) fitted crop top with self detail (forever 21) with a black cardigan (H&M) and Gold strap flats (Tory Burch). 




As usual I over-ate and hence decided to walk around the mall before i took to trial rooms.  I notice staff/bloggers/media/fashion enthusiasts from Lakme Fashion Week (AW 2014) strutting around in their most trendy avatar. What really captured my attention was a  maxi cover up in semi-sheer white worn over all black ensemble (fitted top and bottom). Striking! is the word, so much so that I went to every store in the mall to see if I could find something similar.  To my disappointment, it wasnt found anywhere and I regretted not having stopped the girl and just asking where she bought it from. Life would be so much easier if thoughts became things.


Sloppy Joe !

I have learnt to see the good in everything and so was in my quest for the über cool maxi cover up, as they lead me to these absolutely stunning pair of pointed asymmetrical metallic silver flats in Zara.  I saw them and walked in them to check for comfort and a minute later, they were mine! I tried a couple of other clothing items but a very basic oversized grey t-shirt dress caught my eyes. I am a sucker for basics as it gives me ample room to style with accessories and different make up. That was my second and last purchase of the day.  The day eased into a night as i met a few buddies for some shizzle but not without the thoughts of putting up post of “How I wore…what I bought”.





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