Story of my style…..

”Fashion can be bought, Style, one must possess” rightly said by Edna Woolman Chase is also the basis of my style story.

The day I was allowed to pick my own clothes, I did not choose anything pink, when every girl I knew was obsessing over a different shade of the color. On the 1st day of high school in a new school, I carried a neon orange sling bag. A metallic silver bomber jacket was my go to for classes that I froze in. I always got strange stares, but in the crowd there would be a few flashing smiles of appreciation. We communicated through the language of style, which I understand today.

I realized I was never going to be a part of the crowd, and in my own unconventional way, effortlessly, I stood out owing to my mostly loud and sometimes drab choices. I always wear what I feel, best expresses my state of mind that particular day. I do not have one specific style as experimenting gives me an adrenaline rush! Monday I might be grunge and Tuesday I would go retro; all depending on how I feel when I wake up. I sometimes wear a skirt like a tube top over another skirt. I try on various combinations, mix and match and play with absolutely different styles of clothing to create unique outfits in my free time. It’s a good cardio session and major de-stressing activity.

I strongly believe, following trends and keeping up with fashion statements should be a part of one’s style but must not define one’s style. Every person has an individual character, mannerism, behavioral pattern, which lead to the choices he makes, and that, defines his personality. Style is a part of his personality. Like Marc Jacob puts it, “To me clothing is a form of self-expression, there are hints about who are, in what you wear”.

I do not intend on giving a lecture on the term style, however this being my very 1st post for this blog, I thought I should give you a quick insight to my views and opinions on the subject that I am so passionate about and something my blog/instagram is going to be all about.

I hope to inspire you all to develop your own style through my blogs and posts and I will be more than happy to assist you all in this endeavor.

Happy Styling!


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